PC Building Simulator Review: Is it realistic?

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8/10 Great

The Main Point

PC Building Simulator is a great simulation game. It does most things right, and there are only a few things that I would change. This game is actually quite good at teaching people who want to build their first PC how to. Just don’t expect it to go as fast in real life as it does in the game.

The Good

  • Pretty realistic
  • Can be very helpful for learning to build a PC
  • A lot of fun to play

The Bad

  • Plugging cables in is a bit unrealistic
  • There are a few other weird, unrealistic things while building

PC Building Simulator is quite a fun game to play. You can choose from the majority of available parts, and there are a lot of interesting jobs in career mode. But, is it actually realistic? The answer is mainly. There are a few problems, and you obviously can’t really choose to do things your way. With that said though, it is quite amazing how realistic they were able to make this game. It is also quite amazing that they were able to partner with so many companies. For a $19.99 game, PC Building Simulator does a great job.

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Career Mode

One of the 3 modes in PC Building Simulator is career mode. In this mode you play a PC technician who has just been given the business by his uncle. You will get emails on your personal computer from customers. You can then accept these jobs and order the parts (if you need any). Most jobs have days that they need to be finished by, so you want to get the job done on time. There will also sometimes be extra challenges hidden in the emails. After your done with everything for the day, you walk up to the door and skip to the next day. PCs that need to be worked on will arrive by the door, and this is also where you put finished PCs to get sent to customers. Ordered parts arrive in the top corner of the room where the door is. You can also buy more work tables, cabinets, level up, download apps and change peripherals at different desks. There are a lot of apps you can download. You can even benchmark different computers and remove viruses. There will also be some jobs where you have to spray dust out of PCs. Overall, career mode is great and tons of fun.

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Free Build

The second of the 3 modes is Free Build. As the name implies, this mode allows you to pick from any of the parts in the game to build whatever PC/PCs you want. After you grab a case out of your storage cabinet and set it on a table, you can click to start building in it and build whatever you want. You can also download apps onto your computer just like in career mode. Another thing you can do is change your peripherals like in career mode. This mode is great for either building your dream PC, doing whatever you want or (if all of the parts that you want are in the game) you can test build a PC before you build it in real life. You don’t even have to order parts in this mode, as they are already in storage. Free build can be quite fun.

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How to build a PC

The third and final mode is how to build a pc. This mode is solely dedicated to teaching people new to pc building how to build their first pc. It takes you step by step through the process of building a real pc, and in quite good detail. Another thing it has is information about each part. Before you put each part in, it tells you what that part does. This is quite cool and useful for newbies. If you already know how to build a pc, this mode is quite useful. But, if you haven’t built a pc before and are wanting to (or you just want to learn) this mode is probably one of the best wats you can do that. Nothing is better than experience, and this is the best way to get experience, rather than actually building a pc, that I have ever seen.

pc building simulator review image credit: the verge

Image Credit: The Verge

The few issues

This game is almost perfect when it comes to being realistic when it comes to building a pc. But, even though it isn’t perfect, nothing is. One of the biggest things that annoys me is cable management. This isn’t one of the most important things when building a pc, but if you want it to look any good, then it is. In this game you just click and hold to connect cables. But, when you do this, the cables won’t be managed at all. They will just be dangling around in your pc looking terrible. There is no way to change this, and it can get quite annoying, because it looks so bad. Cables can also get stretched at really weird angles, and sometimes even go through things. The next issue is kind of personal preference, but I think it helps quite a bit when actually building a pc. In the game, you install the motherboard into the case before you insert the cpu, ram modules or install the cpu cooler. This makes things much easier, as you don’t have to try to maneuver the inside of the case. The last issue, which is the least important, has to do with the watercooling tubing. You can somewhat move these around, but sometimes they will be at really weird angles. This isn’t too big of an issue, but it can be kind of annoying. There may be a few issues, but this game is still really well done.

Pc building simulator esports dlc image credit: gamespot

Image Credit: Gamespot


The final section has to do with all of the dlcs for this game. If you don’t know, DLC stands for downloadable content. This game has a ton of DLCs. I don’t personally own any of them, but they seem pretty cool. They include the Razer Workshop, the Republic of Gamers worksop, the NZXT workshop, the Overclockers UK workshop and the Esports expansion. All of the DLC are $5.99, except the Esports expansion which is $12.99. All of the workshop expansions are, as you would expect, just different workshops. The Esports expansion, even though it’s more expensive than the others, is by far the coolest. In it you get to work for a professional esports team, fixing and building pcs for them. From what I know, you play as your uncle from the original game, as when they came out with this DLC, you got some emails from your uncle about getting hired by an esports team to work on pcs. This sounds like tons of fun. The only thing I wish is that all of the DLC were free updates for the game.

8/10 Great

The Main Point

PC Building Simulator is a great simulation game. It does most things right, and there are only a few things that I would change. This game is actually quite good at teaching people who want to build their first PC how to. Just don’t expect it to go as fast in real life as it does in the game.

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